Phillip Hinman (16)
highschool student living in Jacksonville, IL

“My grandfather is the most interesting man I know who I have never met.”

Growing up, Phillip was fascinated by stories of his grandfather, Arthur Hinman, who fought in World War I. When he was a young boy, his grandmother would always share stories about him and how brave he was. As he grew older, he began to ask more questions about his grandfather and the war. The more he learned, the more he loved him. Now sixteen years old, Phillip spends his days in classes and practices with his soccer team after school. When he is home, he likes to spend his spare time working on his collection of stories about his grandpa Arthur.

Phillip is looking to find information on his grandfather and get an idea of what he was thinking during the war.

David Brooks (21)
undergraduate senior, history major

“I’m almost there!”

David is a senior at Illinois State University currently working on his senior thesis over the involvement of students in the first World War. In a typical day, he attends his classes, works a couple hours on campus, and works on assignments and research when he is not attending organization meetings. His research primarily focused on students from Illinois State who entered a branch of service; however, he has recently found that this narrow focus will not provide him enough information for his paper. Lately, he has considered comparing students from different schools to try and find comparisons or differences.

David is looking to research students fighting in the War and compare to those from Illinois State University.

Bonnie Sharp (32)
history enthusiast, school bus driver

“I love my kids”

Bonnie starts her mornings early, picking her bus up at promptly 6am to begin picking up her first round, high school students. After all of the students are dropped off at the school, she sits in the bus lot reading a book until it is time to start rounding up the elementary school students. After, she heads home until it’s time to pick the students up again and spends time either reading or browsing the internet, depending on her mood. Bonnie has a broad interest in history, but finds the wars the most fascinating. When she has the chance to learn something new, she jumps on the opportunity.

Bonnie is looking to read about the lives of WWI soldiers.

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