Okay, so my project has changed and if you have been following my blog posts week-by-week, you are likely confused on what exactly it is I am doing.
Originally, my plan was to work on the Charles Frank Oral History Project from Illinois College(IC) and create a digital website that would allow visitors to listen to the interviews he conducted as well as follow along with transcriptions. Due to complications in being able to receive the needed materials in time for deadlines, this has unfortunately been postponed until summer 2016 (I have volunteered my summer to create the website for the College archives under their specific guidelines.)

My new project still incorporates the Illinois College Archives. My junior year at IC, I began working as an assistant archivist and my first project was digitizing WWI documents ranging from official federal statements to letter written home (typescript). All of these documents were uploaded into Google Docs and have been sitting there since with the exception of a history course creating this website. For my project, I will be uploading first the letters written home from the soldiers and then, if time allows, correspondences between the College President and officials regarding the war.

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