To start this week I re-did my type project. It should now work across operating systems and browsers.
Please let me know if it does not work on yours: [Type Assignment]

I found the talk on resolution and file size for images inĀ White Space is Not Your Enemy extremely helpful. Over the years I had noticed images looking differently depending on the file type, but I assumed it was due to the quality of the program (Microsoft Paint in particular). It will be helpful for my coming project to know that my graphics should be in 72 dpi for the web; before reading this I was planning to shoot for 300 dpi. However, I am planning to still display the letters as 300 dpi for full view with a 72 dpi thumbnail. I also had no idea a JPEG file loses some of its data each time it is opened. I have no idea why that would be useful, but it explains why I saw images lose quality once they were opened and saved in Microsoft Paint, even if I made no changes.

The Paletton tool was a lot of fun to experiment with. I enjoyed how you could add complementary colors and fully customize everything. After playing with it for awhile, I saved a color scheme I think I may use for my final project. Also, there are a lot of tools in “28 best tools” that will prove very useful. One I know I will definitely be using is GrayBit. That website looks like the best way to ensure my final project is accessible. I really wanted to use The Color App, but it is $10 and there is no way I can afford a $10 app for how little it would be used.

The Lynda video was interesting to watch. I enjoyed all of it and can see how vital this step is to creating an effective web page. My favorite parts, though, are simple grid and the icon fonts.

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  1. Amy

    I found the information in White Space is Not Your Enemy pretty enlightening as well. I also learned a lot about the various image styles and resolutions. I’m looking forward to learning more about how to work with Photoshop.


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