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Over break my partner and I decided to go back home (Chicago area) so our families could meet our three month old son. Since I am so close to the archive where the content for my final project resides, I decided to take the Amtrak down there today to work in the archives and grab more material. This trip was mostly to collect more information on the soldiers who wrote the letters and obtain pictures for their profiles on the site. I was not able to gather information on everyone, but a good chunk of them will have a decent amount of info and a photograph as well. Well I now have a lot of information to go through (including a catalog card for every alumn who fought during WWI) and am starting to create my database for all the letters. Hopefully it is tidy!

I also started collecting the materials for my summer digital project, another for my Alma Mater’s archive. The summer project will be building a website for oral histories (audio and transcription). This one will be a lot more challenging, I think, since I will have to think about how best to incorporate the audio aspect as well the ability for archive staff to add material as needed. My best bet for this one may end up being Omeka, but I would like to explore Drupal first.

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  1. Alicia Tucker

    Wow, you had far more productive break than I did! I completed a take home exam for my other class, but I didn’t get ahead in this class as I had originally planned. I hope you also had time to enjoy family and Chicago! I’ve never been to Chicago — but it’s on my list of cities to visit. See you tomorrow (today — as I just realized it’s 12:21 a.m.!)


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